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Over the years, we've helped grow a lot of companies.

Youbet.com: wagering up 280%
Developed a print campaign for Youbet.com which “shattered records for Kentucky Derby wagering volume,” according to Youbet.com’s own press release. The campaign, which promoted a new player rewards program for the company, was launched to increase handle (amount wagered) during Kentucky Derby. Race day wagers increased by a staggering 280%, beating out all previous betting volume for any wagering outlet, anywhere. CEO Chuck Champion said, “Our online product attracted thousands of new customers and millions of additional handle. Our marketing initiatives delivered exceptionally strong results.”
CompUSA: from three stores to over 200
Created "PC Modem & Bob" for CompUSA, the second-longest-running radio campaign in history. (Damn you, Tom Bodett!) While at another agency in the 1990s, developed, wrote and produced the campaign that helped launch CompUSA from a three-store chain in Dallas to a national chain with more than 200 locations.
PC Modem was voiced by legendary character actor Jack Riley (Carlton the Doorman on The Bob Newhart Show) and Bob was played by Thom Sharpe, a well-known voice-over talent and comedian. The spots won numerous awards and dominated the airwaves for several years.
Del Taco: taco sales up by 200%
During the 1980s, Del Taco had a well-earned reputation for bad food and filthy stores. In 1993, they revamped their menu and remodeled their stores. It was our job to do something about their image. We came up with a campaign that turned the tables—particularly on the competition. Even though Del Taco was being outspent 5 to 1 by Taco Bell, our campaign launched their new look with a 200%+ increase in taco sales and sustained growth over the next several years.
Eastwood Insurance: a brand new image
Eastwood Insurance is a national chain of low-end car insurance brokers (rates as low as $39 a month!!!). Before they hired the Ad Barn, the company had spent over 20 years airing some of the cheesiest advertising on television. It had gotten so bad their sales had, well, crashed.
Our challenge was to make the phone ring while updating their image—all without making Eastwood seem out of reach to low-income drivers. And we had to incorporate a cowboy—it was the only criterion the company had. Our campaigns not only increased 800# calls by up to 45%, they brought in an entirely new, higher-
income demographic.
American Career College: a higher degree
Like Eastwood Insurance, American Career College was known for exceptionally bad advertising. We proved that "low-budget" doesn’t have to mean "cheap." Our campaign featured real graduates sharing their often very emotional stories. The spots resonated with viewers and enrollment increased dramatically.