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Who runs this operation? Meet the brains and the talent behind the barn doors.

The Ad Barn was built by Beatrice Shapiro and Marc Shur, two highly experienced, hugely
talented, staggeringly brilliant and exceptionally good looking creative types. Before opening
the Barn doors in 2003, they worked for all kinds of advertising agencies on accounts of all
types and sizes. After more than 25 years creating successful campaigns, they know how
to combine clever, cutting-edge creativity with smart, strategic thinking. Which is what makes
their work so effective and their clients so happy.

As a client of the Ad Barn, you’ll deal only with Beatrice and Marc, who in turn will do
most or all of your actual work themselves—no low-level toadies or junior creatives, no
multiple layers of staff or big overhead either. Which is why, at the Ad Barn, big-time
advertising doesn't cost a lot of buck buck bucks.

Click here for a list of past and present clients.